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As she felt a pleasant stirring between her legs, Lynn remembered her first sight of Sam, and how she'd felt all of a tingle as she'd admired his breathtaking gallery for the first time.

She knew right away that she would have to 'love' his photographs, every one of them.

She knew right away that she'd have to make some funny, flirty comment on each one of them; funnier and more flirty than his previous admirers.

And she knew right away that she wanted- no, she needed- to strike up a conversation with Sam.

His physique was rugged and masculine, and he possessed the most gorgeous cock she had ever seen. It had such a wonderful length, a girth of at least five inches and the protruding veins interspersed along its shaft simply oozed power and stamina, two things Lynn really wanted from a cock.

From the early days of their relationship, Sam had encouraged Lynn to sign up to Chaturbate which, he said, would help her to get to know him a little better. Lynn signed up almost immediately and quickly became accustomed to the ping of an email alert at around 11pm; a sound which she came to realise meant that Sam was naked and playing with his powerful cock for her. The others amongst Sam's adoring audience simply didn't matter. He was doing this just for her enjoyment.

Lynn had watched him ejaculate dozens of times since signing up and every time she watched him shoot his creamy white cum for her, it aroused her just a little bit more than the previous time.

Just six months later, she'd been wined and dined by him and was now naked in bed with him, having spent the entire evening making love with Sam. Lynn had given herself to Sam in ways that she'd never even considered with her husband. But it felt right. It all felt so right with her new lover.

And as for the cum that she'd seen streaming from his swollen cockhead so many times on camera, Lynn had now felt his fresh cum filling her inside and pooling on her thighs. But better still, Lynn had tasted Sam's hot cum as he knelt over her face and milked the last few drops of his juice into her open mouth and onto her eager tongue.

It had felt overwhelmingly erotic for Lynn as she felt him rub the remains of his orgasm along her trembling bottom lip, which she calmly lapped up as he gazed into her adoring blue eyes.

Sam had cum four times since meeting Lynn earlier, just one orgasm less than Lynn but his first three orgasms with a woman in over four years!

And he wasn't finished there; not yet.

His phone was showing 03.02 when he reached over to check the time, having woken after barely an hour's sleep. With Lynn sleeping soundly beside him, he carefully withdrew from the bed and slowly moved to stand at the foot of it, admiring the satisfied and contented look on Lynn's face in the dimly lit suite.

Carefully, Sam lifted the duvet and slowly manoeuvred himself between Lynn's open legs, before tenderly smothering her glowing sex with his hungry-for-more lips and tongue.

He could still taste Lynn's sex on his tongue but Sam was immediately treated to the sensational aroma of the intermingled delights of his orgasms and those of his lover's.

Lynn stirred ever so slightly as Sam's expert tongue delved into the gaping entrance to her saturated vagina once again.

Sam heard the faintest of purrs from Lynn as he gently pushed the moistened tip of his index finger into her bum, as he continued to probe her swollen sex with his lips and tongue. He gently massaged his satiated balls as he started to really work his oral magic on his sleeping lover.

He then felt Lynn's hand tenderly stroking the back of his head. Tenderly stroking yet purposefully forcing his face into her sex; her sex that had been satisfied multiple times by Sam already during the evening but Lynn knew that she wanted more. She knew that she could take so much more from her handsome lover and she was keen to offer him everything that his 'lovely wife' had denied him for so long.

From the moment that Sam had described his sexless marriage to Lynn in their early messages, she knew that she wanted to give him everything that a devoted wife should give to her adoring husband.

Sam hadn't been disappointed for a second, especially when he described the first push of his swollen bell end into Lynn's grateful and welcoming pussy.

"That feels so nice, so wet, so tight Lynn. Thank you," he'd said to Lynn as he eased himself right up to the hilt inside her for the first time, taking her breath away as he filled her and stretched her out.

Sam was keen to explore every part of Lynn's well-used sex with his tongue and his fingers but a thought flashed into his mind as Lynn forced his nose onto her swollen clitoris.

He swiftly traced his tongue from Lynn's pussy, upwards over her tummy and lingered just for a few seconds on her hardened nipples; her large, perfectly round, hardened nipples.

Lynn felt his hardening cock brush against her inner thigh as Sam gently nibbled on her left ear lobe. She wasn't ready however for the next five words that Sam whispered tenderly into her ear.

"Let's do Chaturbate now Lynn," he suggested, in such a casual yet sensual way that Lynn was caught off guard for a second or two.

Lynn knew from the moment that Ian had left her alone with Sam that she was going to give herself completely to him. She'd made up her mind that there was no suggestion of his that she would refuse, within reasonable limits of course.

"I wasn't expecting that Sam," Lynn answered in a hushed tone, still contemplating his suggestion.

"I need go to the bathroom first. I don't want to spoil our show," she smiled, such a seductive smile that didn't go unnoticed by Sam who felt an intense shiver pass through his entire body at Lynn's agreement to perform with him.

Lynn kissed him tenderly on the mouth before getting up and walking to the bathroom, watched every step of the way by her lover, who reached quickly for his phone the instant Lynn was out of sight.

He quickly found the 'Ian (Lynn)' contact on his phone and hit the message icon.

With a speed that belied the time of the morning, Sam quickly typed a text message to Ian(Lynn).

'Your wife is incredible Ian. Log in to Chaturbate in five minutes to see just how incredible she can be.'

It was all Sam could do to hope that Ian would get his text at such an ungodly hour. He knew that Ian used Chaturbate too, as Lynn had often told him how they watched Sam together occasionally.

Sam reached over to switch on the bedside lamp, which would just about be sufficient for their audience to see exactly what this accomplished solo performer was doing to another man's wife.

He sited his phone on the table at the foot of the bed, having ascertained that this would give the best viewpoint to their viewers.

"Ready when you are Sam," announced Lynn as she switched off the bathroom light.

"How do you want me?"

"The camera isn't on yet Lynn. Put this on," he said, handing her a black Zorro-type mask that would protect Lynn's identity throughout their performance.

Lynn carefully positioned the mask on her face, before taking Sam's outstretched hand that was beckoning her to the bed.

"Just lie back Lynn, and open your legs, nice and wide while I log us in."

Back at home, Sam's text had alerted Ian, who had been far too aroused to drift off to sleep.

How on earth could he just drift off knowing that Lynn was spending the night with her lover?

How was he supposed not to think about her when she'd already messaged him to share the fact that Sam had already fucked her twice?

And how was he meant to not imagine Lynn with Sam's beautiful dick in her mouth when Sam had sent him a photograph showing exactly that only three hours earlier?

"Oh fuck me!" Ian mouthed to himself when he read Sam's 3am text.

He'd always wanted to watch Lynn fuck another man, but he'd always envisaged being in the same room as them. Probably sat naked in a chair gently playing with his cock as he watched Lynn giving to another man what she had only given to her husband for the last twenty years.

But Chaturbate?

What was Ian to do? Lynn and Sam were forty miles away and, in truth, Ian had done everything possible to facilitate Lynn hooking up with Sam from the moment he realised just how she felt about him.

It was 3am but Chaturbate was a worldwide service. There would inevitably be dozens of people watching his wife fuck another man live on the internet. There could even be hundreds of people watching them. This was not part of Ian's plan for his beautiful wife but what could he do about it?

He tapped the internet icon on his phone and entered his Chaturbate login.

'Watershed1234' was indeed online, lying beside a naked lady with her legs wide open; easily wide open enough for the 142 users to see that Watershed1234 had at least two fingers knuckle-deep in his lover's pussy.

Ian immediately reached down to his cock which had become instantly hard.

"This is fucking incredible!" he announced to an empty bedroom as he took his first screenshot.

The way Lynn's open legs were visibly shaking suggested that Sam's passionate kissing and his expert fingers were really hitting the spot for her.

A wave a jealousy swept over Ian as Lynn pulled her left knee up, inadvertently allowing a much better view of Sam's hand working her pussy. He stopped wanking to allow himself a still and concentrated study of just how vigorously Sam was fingering the submissive Lynn; the same submissive woman whom Ian felt sure would've been horrified if her husband had suggested having sex in front of an audience on the internet.

But for now, Lynn was all Sam's. There was nothing Ian could do about it but lie back and wank his throbbing dick, mesmerised by the sight of his wife making love with Sam in a way that she had done with nobody else before him.

This was truly a first- and an incredible first at that- that neither Lynn nor Ian would ever forget.

Ian took another screenshot, given that his wife was holding herself in a different position from his first take. With her left leg hitched up, her shaven pussy was very well displayed to those watching from afar, who would no doubt be marvelling at the way Sam's two middle fingers were probing his lovers' pussy. They were still knuckle deep inside Lynn as the palm of his hand smothered her pubic mound.

Lynn always took a good fingering from her husband and nearly always achieved orgasm in that way and Sam's expert technique, together with the dirty talk they were sharing out of hearing of their audience, was more than enough to bring Lynn to orgasm.

But not just yet.

Despite being deep in the throes of passion with her lover, Lynn hadn't completely forgotten that they were playing for an audience and, much to her surprise, she was really enjoying her first Chaturbate experience.

She was enjoying everything that her own life experiences were telling her she shouldn't.

She was willing to do absolutely anything for Sam on this, their first date.

She was a married woman, fucking her married lover.

She was naked on camera, for an audience of strangers.

And Lynn felt incredible, as did her husband who by now was stroking his stiff cock more than just a little as he sat up in bed, glued to his phone. Ian calmly took another screenshot.

The lovers' show then took a distinctly more naughty turn as Sam stood up from the bed, giving the viewers a wonderful view of his perfect toned arse, and flipped Lynn onto all fours, pulling her towards the bottom of the bed as part of her change of position.

Ian gasped as he saw in much finer detail Lynn's gaping pussy, which he knew well enough to recognise how swollen her fleshy labia was, and an explicitly intimate view of her most private hole.

In her text, Lynn hadn't said that she and Sam had had anal sex but Ian couldn't help but wonder if, out of sight and mind of her husband, she had allowed Sam to fuck her in that way. In the context of what was going on right now, did it really matter whether or not they had enjoyed this most taboo of sexual acts together?

Irrespective of the answer, Ian felt his entire body tingle as he quickly contemplated just what Sam was going to do to Lynn in the next few minutes.

He didn't have to wait long for his answer.

After zooming the camera in just a little more onto Lynn's eager sex, Sam squatted above Lynn, with his back towards her head, which was buried in her pillow, and inserted the same two fingers into her gaping hole.

As he started to gently finger fuck his lover's hole once more, Sam leant forward and started to circle Lynn's arsehole with his tongue, not for the first time since they'd met earlier.

"You dirty bastard," Ian said to his phone, his cock twitching once more at the almost surreal sight before him.

"I'm having a pic of that you dirty fucks!" said Ian, taking another screenshot.

Lynn often let Ian have a look at her explicit exchanges with Sam but she felt that the last one he'd sent, when he explained how much he'd love to rim her and stick his tongue right up her arse, might just be a little too much for her husband. It could even jeopardise her meeting him and, after nine months of messaging, picture swapping, and erotic chat of what they wanted to do to each other, she was desperate for nothing to get in the way of that.

She wanted Sam.

She wanted to be with this charismatic, flirty gentleman.

She wanted to feel his masculine body alongside her.

She wanted to taste his magnificent cock and to have it filling her insides.

But most of all, Lynn wanted to give herself to her sex-starved lover in whichever way Sam needed her to.

For tonight, she was his.

And right now, her thighs were rocking for the increased audience of 271 to see, as Sam tenderly tongued her arsehole as he continued to gently finger fuck her sodden and well-used pussy.

He couldn't resist looking directly at the camera and flashing a smile, which was difficult with his tongue up Lynn's arse, but he managed it nonetheless.

It was a smile for Sam's audience, not purely for Ian, because at that stage of their lovemaking, Sam had no idea if Ian had even got his text, let alone logged onto the site.

Lynn continued to purr her delight at Sam's beautifully explicit attention. She was seemingly oblivious to the fact that her most intimate parts were being giving an excellent showing on Chaturbate, such was Sam's expertise with technology.

Back at home, a wonderful mix of emotions were whizzing around Ian's head and body.

Jealousy, because his wife, faithful for twenty years, was being used as a sex toy by the hunky, well endowed man whom she coveted for so long.

Aroused, because he knew exactly how Sam would be feeling to use Lynn's two fuck holes in the manner of his choosing.

Incredulous at Lynn deciding, apparently without question, to go live on a sexcam with her lover for all to see.

And proud; strangely proud. Proud because this growing audience, which now numbered 339, was watching his wife. Watching his wife showing off her most intimate parts and showing that she was happy to have them used in any which way by her lover. Ian most definitely felt very, very proud of his beautiful wife right now.

This was the same gorgeous woman who had berated Ian on more than one occasion for sending an explicit photograph to his friend without her permission.

The same adorable woman who had often objected to Ian using her real name when he was telling other men what he'd like to watch them do to his wife.

And yet his beautiful wife was now on display to all and sundry with her lover squatting over her, his tongue in her arse and two fingers stretching out her pussy.

Ian came as he watched Sam continue to probe Lynn's lovely tight arsehole with his tongue.

This was the third time Ian had wanked off since delivering Lynn to Sam on the previous evening.

The first time- the messiest time- was around 9pm, when he received Lynn's text that said Sam had already fucked her twice .

The second time- even quicker than his first orgasm- was just after midnight, when no text from Lynn meant that Ian would have to use his imagination. And use it he did!

His latest orgasm had been a long time in the making. Having already cum twice, Ian needed the stimulation and excitement of Lynn and Sam on Chaturbate to achieve his third orgasm.

Despite having cum three times now, Ian's excitable cock stayed semi-hard as he continued to watch every move that Sam was making with Lynn, and his cock twitched with increasing intensity as he lay back and enjoyed the show.

Sam continued to make love to Lynn in this position for a few minutes, showing no less intensity or tenderness than when his tongue found Lynn's arsehole for the first time.

Sam began to massage his hardening cock with one hand, gently finger fucking Lynn with the other, and it was clear, very clear, to their audience that they were soon to be treated to some live fucking; some hardcore penetrative sex.

Ian had seen Sam's impressive cock many times, thanks to Lynn sharing any pictures that he'd sent to her, but on camera, in that light, Sam's dick looked even longer than Ian had imagined.

Sam smiled at the camera as he raised his head slightly to allow their viewers to see his saliva dribble onto Lynn's arsehole, to be quickly massaged into and around her tight hole by his expert tongue.

"He's going up her arse the filthy fuck!" Ian whispered to himself, squeezing his empty balls.

"There's no way Lynn's being fucked in the arse live on the fucking internet," Ian asserted to himself, half in shock and half in uncontrolled arousal.

Sam carefully changed his position without moving Lynn, who was still fully exposed to a zoomed in camera, and steadied himself on his knees behind her. The size of his perfectly shaped balls belied the fact that he had emptied them four times since meeting Lynn.

He'd cum once into her mouth before cumming again within twenty minutes as he slowly and tenderly fucked her.

Lynn had wanked him off in the hotel corridor, with some well timed help from her tongue, on the way back up to their room after dinner. Sam had held back just a little bit longer than Lynn would have liked in a public corridor, but the two bottles of wine they'd devoured downstairs and their complimentary glass of Prosecco each helped to shift their focus onto Lynn making Sam cum, rather than who may stroll past at any moment.

After several more stops for some passionate kissing and some hungry groping, Lynn had sucked Sam back to hardness in the privacy of their room, before allowing him to empty barely a dribble inside her as she enthusiastically rode his cock.

Sam rubbed his glistening bell end gently against Lynn's labia, visibly parting her lips to accommodate his swollen tip, before circling her arsehole and gently slapping his tip directly onto her nervous, tight hole.

He seemed destined to slowly push his powerful dick into Lynn's arsehole causing Ian, who was brimming with nervous excitement, to zoom right in, ready to see Lynn having anal sex with her lover; making Sam the only other man in Lynn's life to stick his dick up there.

But then Sam moved. From being within a short thrust of having anal sex for the first time with Lynn, he was now on his knees beside Lynn, who was also shifting her position.

With Sam side on to the camera, making sure that he was still positioned perfectly for the viewers, Lynn crawled to her left, staying on all fours as he took his thick cock into her mouth.

"Go for it Lynn!" Ian almost shouted. Any pangs of jealousy disappeared in an instant when he saw her take Sam's dick into her mouth. Of course the mask ensured that the watching world would have no idea who the lucky lady was giving the most enthusiastic oral sex to Sam but to Ian, this was his wife, live on camera with her lover's dick in her mouth.

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